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Not sure which position suits you best? Here are some spoilers to make you sure!

Music/Vocal Director
Job Description:
  • Responsible for all music in the production (vocal & instrumental).
  • Arranges music for audition and work with director & casting director to verify the potential cast members in handling the music.
  • Oversee singing rehearsals & runs vocal warmups for actors
  • Coach/teach actors in rehearsing the score.
  • Work with directors on singing (vocal) & music (instrumental) parts of the production

Sound Designer
Job Description:
  • Discusses sound plot and requirements with director.
  • Create sound plot fit to the production requirement subject to approval & budget
  • Supervises installation of sound equipment as needed with Technical Manager
  • Writes sound cues fits to the director’s vision and communicate with stage manager
  • If cast is to be miked, supervises fittings, checks, placements and sets proper levels of sound.
  • Supervise sound crew.
  • Together with Stage manager, responsible for the preparation & readiness of the sound during tech week.
Stage Manager
Job Description
While the Stage Manager (SM) may delegate or share responsibilities with assistant (ASM) as well as other managers for props, costumes and the likes, He/She is ultimately responsible for everything onstage and backstage, including the dressing areas.  The SM’s duties include:
During the initial rehearsal period:
  • Maintain the prompt book, noting all changes, additions or deletions to the script (The Prompt Book is the master copy of the script or score, containing all the actor moves and technical cues, and is used by the stage manager to run tech rehearsals and later, control the performance)
  • Record the director’s blocking in the prompt book for later reference
  • Consult with the director to devise a rehearsal schedule, and distribute to all personnel
  • Ensure presence of necessary personnel for each rehearsal, calling no-shows as necessary
  • Set up rehearsal room to be ready for scheduled start time, arranging for furniture, rehearsal props and rehearsal costumes to be available as needed; at the end of rehearsal, secure all props, costume pieces
  • Monitor rehearsal times and necessary breaks
  • “Sit on book” when actors are off book, reminding lines as necessary
During Technical Rehearsal:
  • Consult with director, technical staffs, designers, head of crews and theatre management to determine load-in and tech schedule
  • Supervise load-in and technical rehearsals and determine when actors are needed
  • Write sound, light and other technical cues in the prompt book
  • If there were set changes, arrange for rehearsal for the actors & crew involved
  • Assign backstage personnel as needed for costume changes, live sound etc
  • Supervise placement of onstage furniture with props crew, as well as placement of stage tape for blocking as needed
  • Make sure backstage light is adequate for actors and crew to prepare performances
During the Run of The Show:
  • Make sure dressing & backstage areas are clean and free of debris that can injure actors and/or crews
  • Supervise preset of stage and backstage areas including furniture props and costumes
  • Ensure all personnel are present in the theare at their assigned call times
  • Give calls to cast at regular intervals to alert them to how long to curtain
  • Consult with House Manager as to when house will be opened and alert cast
  • Ensure communication between SM personnels and backstage and front of house(sound,lighting,set) personnels
  • Call sound and light cues for each performance
  • Determine the order of curtain call
Marketing & Sponsorship Team
Job description:
  • Approach corporations to gain sponsorship for the production includes setting face to face appointments with local & regional brands/business to secure sponsorship.
  • Present the sponsorship presentation to potential sponsors.
  • Discuss with producers on negotiation value as well as brand placements in all the marketing materials
  • Implementing marketing strategies and tactics
  • Assemble the creative design team to design and produce marketing collaterals  
  • Oversee the work of creative design team to make sure all involved parties (brands/sponsors) are represented according to the deal made.
  • Liase with media & communication team to secure exposure in medias
  • Organize the timelines to produce and distribute marketing collaterals in social media and other associated printed collaterals (includes the production of program book, poster, tickets etc)
  • Arrange for ticket printing and publicity posters
  • Together with media & comm team manage the social media posts to publicize and create hype for the production
Technical Manager
Job Description:

  • Coordinates and supervises all the technical elements of the production (electricity capacity, length & depth of stage, distance of sound/lighting to stage, etc)
  • Schedule and coordinate load-ins and load outs will all personnel involved (stage management team, set designer, lighting designer, sound designer, costume, and all production crew)
  • Work with lighting designer, sound designer regarding the equipment installation e.g hanging & focusing lights, sound system setup, and any special effects to be used.
  • Work with set designer to coordinate the building of the set
  • Recruit technical crew (backstage runners/ set movers/etc)
  • Determine crews’ tech & performance days schedule ((what time crews to be ready at the theater and what time finish)) and prepare call sheet for production crew

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