JPAC very first season has started off strong and we are having so much fun as we throw ourselves into preparations for Broadway ke Java: 2014.  But as we prepare for our first show it is important that we not forget the service aspect of our performing arts community.

The JPAC board voted to take our first outreach project to the most enthusiastic audience there is: children! There’s nothing better than bringing a smile to a child’s face, and what better way than through the magic of performance art.  Therefore, we will be going around to orphanages and yayasans sharing performances and theatre workshops such as acting, singing, music, dance, and even makeup and costumes.

We are calling all volunteers to help us out with this fun project.  If you have ideas for places we can visit or programs we can put together please contact us.  We welcome all ideas.  We are a community!  Let’s share the joy of the arts around Jakarta!